'Variations on the surface'.


"Variations on the surface" is a new collection by Isidro Blasco that merges architecture and sculpture, taking the viewer on a journey through multiple dimensions, moving his work from volumetric figuration to a strange epopoeic return to classical sculpture in a key of conceptualism "ism". Ism understood from the movements created in succession throughout the twentieth century, defined by Mario De Micheli in his work "The artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century". A golden century for art in which more movements and currents were born than in any other period of Art History under Western study.

In his work, Blasco generally uses diverse materials and hybrid techniques to create three-dimensional structures that defy the traditional limits of art. Each piece invites you to immerse yourself in a universe of your own, where reality intertwines with imagination. 

Isidro Blasco Exhibition