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This is the first solo exhibition of the artist in the gallery who, however, has participated in previous seasons of our programming: in 20022003 in the 5th season Theme: El tacto (Con-tact) and in the 2013-2014 season he participated in the collective "Paisaje.0". "Reading images" is a new exhibition project that the artist presents for the first time and is part of the program of events of the 9th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend 23, which will take place from September 14 to 17. The exhibition proposes a reflection on the relationship between images and texts, between what we see and what we name, one of the transversal themes in Ignasi Aballí's work. Based on a selection of photographs found in different newspapers (objects from which the artist has carried out several projects), a series of nineteen paintings are shown. The work methodology consisted of scanning each image and then finding its average color (the color resulting from the mixture of all of them), using a Photoshop function. The image has been reduced to a single color, or we could also say, to a single pixel that is repeated over its entire surface. This process makes it impossible to see the image as it was, since it has been altered, "erased" (or hidden), so that we can no longer identify it, thus leaving its interpretation and visualization completely open.

Ignasí Aballí Exhibition