Dogs, conspiracy and heat


Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery is pleased to present, from August 25 to October 31, "Dogs, conspiracy and heat", the second exhibition of Francisco Mayor Maestre (Madrid, 1990) in this gallery. We know that the vision of this young artist and the strength of his painting, of his infinite buildings located in balance between figuration and geometric abstraction, has impressed you as much as it has impressed us and testimony to this is the great success he has achieved in all the fairs we have attended with his work, obtaining incredible sold out in the last three.

Carlos del Amor offers us the keys to the artist and his own impressions after visiting his studio: "Reflecting the everyday is, almost certainly, one of the greatest complications for an artist because everything happens in the everyday, life happens, lives happen, past, present and future lives happen. In the daily life isThe biggest fictions, the biggest lies and the biggest of coursethe greatest truths. We are all in the everyday. Mayor Maestre looks out with incredible naturalness to that open window to which only a few know how to give the necessary importance, perhaps because he already looked out when he was a child and took the bus from the suburbs to the center of Madrid and in front of that window he was a child. éhe world opened up, changing every few meters, full of contrasts that began to inhabit or be drawn in his head. This initiatory astonishment is the germ of all that was to follow.és because in the routine of a bus trip is the whole universe."