Ugly enemies


Ugly Enemies is conceived as a specific intervention in Cibrián that uses the functional elements of the gallery, such as the lift, stairs, shop window, or floor tiles, as agents that actively participate in the journey through the gallery. This exhibition constructs a place that is almost a new coat on the gallery space, in which the works inhabit and by which they are modified. The transformations on the space give off a kind of erratic vitality, to the point that the exhibition has functioned as a set for the editing of a video entitled El Que Monta Cargas that you can see in this link. This video takes a current condition of art, whereby most exhibitions are viewed online, and takes it further: the exhibition is deformed, looked at, and rearranged by lights or stretches of material, in order to dump Ugly Enemies on the screen and tell a story in which it is the place that acts.