Angular Poems


Emilio Gañán presents his seventh exhibition at the Fernando Pradilla Gallery. The exhibition entitled Poemas angulares (Angular Poems) is the result of the artist's work over the last three years, in which he has continued to investigate geometry in its different aspects, as a two-dimensional representation on the pictorial plane or in drawing, and as a three-dimensional volumetric form in his works on wood. On this occasion, the work of the constructivist El Lissitzky is one of the anchor points of the exhibition. Gañán dedicates to the Russian artist a series of medium-sized canvases of "free lines" on a red background in which emptiness is a fundamental part of the work. In this free atmosphere the angular forms float, serene and dynamic, immersed in the pictorial space.

Emilio Gañán Exhibition


3.500 €