Arroyo and [some of] his favourite characters'.


The Álvaro Alcázar gallery offers its space to bring to life the imaginative and vital universe of the painter, through a selection of some of the main characters that obsessed the artist during his long career. The exhibition has been organised around a selection of eight main themes, which has undoubtedly been the most arduous task of the whole project, given the enormous repertoire of hobbies and characters that surrounded the artist's life. These are: Eduardo with his self-portraits, Tío Pepe, the chimney sweeps, Entre Pintores, JMBW, the flies, James Joyce and José Bergamín. Most of these themes derive from his fondness for literature, art or lived experiences, which is why they contain numerous readings and metaphors, turning them into authentic painted chronicles. It is therefore a narration of his experiences, seasoned with the irony and critical sense that have always characterised Eduardo Arroyo's work.

Eduardo Arroyo Exhibition