Urban Dystopia


Dionisio González finds in the tense spaces occupied by the city the fertile ground for his artistic proposal, in which architectural recreation coexists with destruction and ruin. Through photography, video and installation, he materializes long research processes on the contemporary city. With his characteristic panoramic images -in which traditional constructions coexist with invented ones- González reveals the keys to modern architecture and, at the same time, records the way in which social transformations shape the metropolis.

We are pleased to present the avant-garde work of Dionisio Gonzalez in the Gallery's Black Room. Artworks from the 2011 and 2012 large format Dauphin series from the "Dauphin" series and seven black and white pieces from the "Inter-Actions" series. These works invite viewers to explore the intersection between chaos and beauty in transforming urban environments.

The works in the "Dauphin" series, inspired by the island of the same name located in the Gulf of Mexico, capture the resilience of its inhabitants in the face of periodic hurricane devastation. Dionisio González reflects on the acceptance of adversity and proposes futuristic structures as a response to constant destruction.
Seven black and white pieces from the "Inter-Actions" series explore the relationship between human beings and their environment. Through these fictitious recreations, Gonzalez questions society's use of natural resources, presenting constructions that are visually integrated into the landscape.

Dionisio González Exhibition