This Light. This space


Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery is pleased to present, from April 21 to May 22, the new monographic exhibition of Diego Moya (Jaén, 1943) "This light. This space". With a long national and international career behind him, the artist returns once again to Asturias, after a long season, and does so through his most current and impressive project: the light boxes.

The germ of these works arose in the 1970s, when a grant from the Fundación Juan March enabled him to research new materials, until then alien to the art circuit, such as methacrylate. He takes them up again in 2019 with an installation in the United Arab Emirates and new technological possibilities.

Art critic and director of the CGAC Museum Santiago Solana notes how they endow the artist's production with a new meaning: "the fusion between the gestural material of painting and the technological-industrial has always been present in the work of Diego Moya, perhaps it was not easy to understand it as a central feature of his work, or at least it was so for this writer, before the recovery of the light boxes with the ambition to turn them into interactive, perceptive and immersive devices and not only contemplative".

"In Diego Moya's light boxes there is an intention to represent light with light, rather than using light as a material. In fact, it could be said that in these pieces converge various representative models, which follow the pattern of scientific experiments although revisited from the imagination and the alteration of conventional points of view (...) The boxes as constructions also function as objects that activate meditation, and in the randomness of the forms reappear aspects that characterize his painting, the gesture or emotions".

Diego Moya Exhibition

Diego Moya

2.500 €