I am you


In various projects with the gallery over the last year, Eva Poyato and Moisés Yagües have made themselves known to all our followers, friends and collectors with works full of freshness, imagination and color. Now they open together in their anticipated dual exhibition "Yo, que soy tú", from June 30 to August 22.

This dialogue between two worlds as different as they are close is developed on canvases, papers, boards and painting-objects that try to escape from the support; with endearing characters of simple and direct strokes and vibrant colors; and through the magical realism that works as a common thread in the production of both.

The unlikely situations that inhabit the two rooms of the gallery are presented to us so naturally that the viewer ends up accepting them as completely logical. Their works, full of symbolism but with a close language, make the thoughts, desires and wishes that Eva and Moisés wish to capture become completely familiar and recognizable and are translated into pure emotion. Influenced by comics and illustration, both artists have demonstrated a singular talent for stripping away the unnecessary until they are left with the essential elements to tell their story.

This exhibition is the result of an intimate collaboration, which even has a work made in common with the main icons of each author. In "Yo, que soy tú" both artists capture their being in each piece and let them converse with us and with each other, inviting us to join them in their adventures, to see our experiences and emotions reflected before us. To be part of their games, their dreams and their gardens.