On 19 March, the gallery's central space will host for the first time the work of the Tarragona-based photographer David Mocha. Paradise is the title of the project he will present on this occasion. Interested in the possibilities of documentary language, David Mocha uses images of the real world to construct subjective and fictional territories. Particularly interested in the relationships between territory, freedom and power, with his photographs he tries to reflect on the processes of construction and representation of the contemporary landscape. In this exhibition we present his project El Paraíso, a work made with a naturalistic documentary style which, at first glance, deals with a certain garden inhabited by peculiar characters who pose with a subtle and enigmatic attitude of staging. Playing with this idea, Mocha decided to use different gardens in Madrid, the city where he was living while he was making it, as a visual and argumental background for this work. His idea is to generate an abstract garden (in terms of its identification), a universal garden, in which he can develop his argumentative approach to the true meaning of the concept of "paradise".

David Mocha Exhibition