Monument and alchemy


David Benarroch's work always refers to the process of creation. His sculptures are the result, record and witness of the time and gesture used in their production. Each one preserves, highlights and eternalises for the spectator the movement, strength and time that the artist used to create it.

Benarroch works mainly with non-natural materials. As in other aspects, he seems to be fighting against the commandments of historical sculpture. There are hardly any pieces of wood, but never, for example, stone, the traditionally noble material of classical sculpture. Metal, yes, above all that provided by industrial use, and, above all, resin, fibreglass, latex or cement. Moreover, this allows him to accentuate the interplay between what the spectator sees and what things are really made of. There is a pretended confusion between hard and soft, light and heavy, fragile and resistant.

For the same reason he always seems to be looking for the limit point of equilibrium of each sculpture. As if they were at an awkward point, about to fall or in danger of being knocked over by a brush or a gust of wind. Questioning in this way the most basic thing a sculpture should do: to remain firm in space.


David is a Sephardic Jew, born in Israel. He has Spanish nationality and has been living and working in Madrid for two years.

David Benarroch Exhibition