Tangible and intangible


The tangibility of the intangible is the title of the text that Don Francisco Calvo Serraller (1948-2018) wrote for the exhibition, which Galería Freijo presented by Darío Villalba (1939-2018), for the OFF festival of PHotoEspaña in 2014. Seven years later, Galería Freijo presents the second solo exhibition of Darío Villalba, which brings together icons, which are fundamental images in his work.
Accompanying these works with texts by Francisco Calvo Serraller is not only a tribute, it is also a way of bringing together keys that are and have been fundamental to the understanding of Darío Villalba's work. Both, inseparable friends, accomplices in the creative work, decided to leave in the same year 2018. In this exhibition we present works made in different media, in which the photographic images take on a decontextualised presence of their own reality. Chrysalides, encapsulations, canvases, papers, photographs, basic documents... coexist to give life to images that Darío made iconic, images of characters who are no longer with us, but who have become faces, known to all of us who approach Darío's work.