Deep Nostalgia Radio


Radio Nostalgia Profunda is an installation in which an ethereal presence, the voice of an ancient artificial intelligence, has returned to its place of origin, giving body to a musical archive that it creates from its own consciousness and memory. This voice, now nostalgic, is responsible for organising and preserving this vast archive made up of an infinite number of fragmented and disseminated songs. The voice strives to remember them, fighting against their obsolescence, and filling in the gaps it finds in them, with the aim of trying to recompose a collective past of which it is also a part. The installation that makes up this exhibition is articulated around a quadrophonic radio broadcasting system (360-degree sound). The musical thread that is played has been composed from sketches of unfinished songs, all of them by musicians from the local context that, with the use of Artificial Intelligence processes, have been completed. The voice that occasionally sounds over the musical base is a Vocaloid, a voice synthesis software capable of singing and composing melodies and lyrics, originally conceived and designed at the Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.