You lean on the water'.


"My first idea was to opt for the birds and put them to work, but my natural laziness to build appropriate installations, added to the fact that birds have never said much to me, made me abandon the idea of collaborating with them and resort to worms, which don't say much to me either, but are less work. I make the structures and they make a cocoon where they think best and, unbelievably, they always get it right. I have tried with two identical structures and with worms that don't know each other at all and they cocoon in the same places, which leads me to the conclusion that they put things in the only place where they can be and not where I would have put them...". Curro Ulzurrun.

Curro Ulzurrun Exhibition

Curro Ulzurrun

4.000 €

Curro Ulzurrun

12.000 €