The woman condition


Isolina Arbulu is pleased to present her first group photography exhibition, "The Female Condition: Strength, Beauty and Fragility," featuring the extraordinary works of six exceptional artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. This
stimulating exhibition delves into the intricate facets of women's lives in contemporary society, challenging social norms and stereotypes. Through the art of photography, these artists skillfully capture the nuances of the complexity of being a woman today.

The exhibition highlights the works of three visionary women artists. Magdalena Correa, Chilean video artist and photographer, Adriana Duque, Colombian photographer, and Angélica Arbulu, Mexican/Spanish photographer, use their artistic expression to challenge gender roles and social expectations imposed on women. In addition, the exhibition showcases the notable contributions of three male photographers. Ciuco Gutiérrez, renowned Spanish photographer, Hubertus Hohenlohe, multifaceted Mexican-German artist, and Bryan Adams, Canadian musician and photographer, bring their unique perspectives on how women are perceived in today's society.