Clara Montoya has been exhibiting at the Centro del Carme in Valencia since 3 June and at F2 Galería since 12 June. In the Dormitori room of the Centro del Carmen, an immersive light installation is displayed that investigates the construction of concepts by reflecting on the first river to be declared a person in the world, the Whanganui in New Zealand. Part of the work is an edition with valuable contributions and conversations, as well as a translation of the text of the law that granted rights and duties to the river. These elements will be re-appropriated and quoted in F2 Gallery. But while the Valencian venue proposes a philosophical analysis of the notion of the person and future actions for Water strictly framed in an installation proposal, in F2 Galería there is a coexistence of opposing works that generate contradictions, both formal and in terms of artistic and personal meta-strategy. Taking care of the skin of objects, enjoying matter and the virtual, TÚ+ explores the territories of the artist as an individual in the social.

Clara Montoya Exhibition

Clara Montoya

12.000 €

Clara Montoya

14.000 €