more house designs. for you'.


3 + 1 Arte Contemporânea is pleased to present More House Drawings. For you, a solo exhibition by Carlos Nogueira (b. 1947, Mozambique).

Carlos Nogueira is an artist with a solid oeuvre, built from a relationship with materials ranging from the weight of iron to the lightness of coal dust. With a background in sculpture and architecture, Carlos Nogueira's work inhabits the intersection of these regions with drawing, words and light, as well as their opposites: silence, shadow and darkness.

In Más dibujos de casas. Para ti, the artist presents works that are not detached from one of the research cores that characterise his practice: the exploration of the notion of the house. In the gallery space, the artist will work between lines, black, white, divisions, drawings in space, inhabited by the wind, which evoke the materiality of objects, but not only that. For Carlos Nogueira the notion of house is not only material, it is also immaterial, affection, time. He had these drawings of houses not a container.