The yawning of the stones


Under the title El bostezo de las piedras (The yawning of the stones), a group of works produced in recent years by the artist Carlos Domingo (San Agustín, Teruel. 1969) is presented. A direct allusion to the poem by Gonzalo de Rojas "En cuanto a la imaginación de las piedras" to approach, with irony and disbelief, the anthropocentric experience of time in nature. This exhibition is based on the experimentation of drawing, practising and extending the traditional execution, linked to representation, with objectual or three-dimensional positioning. In the works shown, one can recognise the interest in architecture, its link with the vital experience of the individual and the human energy on things/houses. A metaphorical approach to the idea of the city (hegemonic scenario of civilisation) and its relationship with nature.

Carlos Domingo Exhibition

Carlos Domingo

1.500 €