Blessed is he!


Brushstroke by brushstroke, stroke by stroke. Sometimes, stitch by stitch. But, in short, the result of looking inside oneself. This is how Breza Cecchini Ríu's work emerges. Each work reveals her, each work reveals a part of her self. Her paintings are echoes that collect experiences, that reverberate states of mind. They simply express what she feels. Sometimes there is darkness, sometimes there is light. Jean Frémon said of Louise Bourgeois that she was a "maker of fables". Breza is one too. She paints human passions. Her themes are universal: life, death, memories, (dis)love, pain, the human condition, motherhood, sexual desire, the encounter with nature, the passion for animals, the home. In her characters we meet ourselves again. Art is sanity, says one of her works in homage to Bourgeois. The French artist had embroidered something very similar.

Breza Cecchini Exhibition

Breza Cecchini