Ubuntu is one of those precious words capable of embracing more meanings than we can grasp. As a word, it comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages and obeys a philosophy in which sharing allows humanity to connect empathetically, where individuality is based on collectivity. Boa Mistura, after a residency in South Africa, takes this concept to create a work that is fragmented in 36 quadrants of 30 x 30 centimeters framed independently and in which the sum of these individualities forms the Ubuntu, once the original piece is the sum of the letters of the word. When someone acquires one of these fragments for his collection, Boa Mistura commits to paint it in a place in the world, so that the collector, with his private action, becomes a patron of a project in a public space that, in principle, is unknown to him. As in the Ubuntu philosophy, each action has a consequence, with the particularity that the project weaves a sort of spider's web between artists, places and collectors, creating a shared work, since each collector can only Buy one of the 36 quadrants.