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Barthélémy Toguo's exhibition at Galerie Lelong & Co. in September 2021 continues the work begun in Busan in 2020. This project, consisting of a series of blue paintings produced in 2020 and 2021, includes a new interactive installation: the public will be invited to make a donation of material or send a message.

In the words of Barthélémy Toguo: "This year marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Edmond Jabès, the poet and writer of African Origins (Egypt). His work has never ceased to enlighten us with its questions and formulations, Edmond Jabès is in harmony with my vision of the world and his work resonates with my artistic practices. The complicity of thought arose from reading his writings. Learning more about the world of Edmond Jabès, particularly his "Livre du partage" (the Book of Actions) inspired me to conceive an artistic proposal during the Busan International Biennale 2020 in Korea; this resulted in a series of 8 paintings entitled Partages I - VIII. My personal exhibition.