The Infinite Museum


"The Infinite Museum" brings together for the first time in the same exhibition the two projects carried out by Antonio Pérez Río in the framework of two of Europe's leading museums: the Louvre (Paris) and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam).
The first series, "Artworks Maestras", is a visual essay on how mass tourism and mobile technology transformed our experience of art in the pre-COVID world.
The second project, "The Metamorphoses," is a museum generated by algorithms: a series of digital collages that remix the Rijksmuseum's collection and produce unexpected mutations in its works.
In short, "The Infinite Museum" is a new imaginary museum, a collection of strange works that reveal as much as they conceal; without the author renouncing the anachronistic endeavor in which the original works continue to beat: the search for beauty.

Antonio Pérez Río Exhibition