'But I...keep...walking [a derivation of the human variable and the underlying structure]'.


If anything characterizes Antonio Almaraz's life, it is his absolute fidelity to himself; and the same is true of his artistic work. Put this way it seems simple, but the elementary is usually the most difficult thing; especially if we take into account the multitude of ideas that we perceive in our environment and that make it almost impossible for us not to deviate from the path. The little said so far is not a more or less accurate personal view of Almaraz's work, on the contrary. It can be found in a good part of his writings, which, although brief and susceptible of providing more details, show his position in front of art, which is none other than the same Theme carried out with different techniques and materials; and, above all, or rather, below all, the structure that is not noticed, but which orders the outside. Theme and technique placed at the service of the materials... Ignacio Guerra Núñez