Tourner la page


Ana Pérez Ventura (Santiago de Compostela 1981), visual artist and pianist. Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo, Superior Degree in Music at the Conservatory of Vigo, Master in Music and Plastic Arts at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris, currently piano teacher at the conservatory Grand Paris Sud, presents her second exhibition at the METRO Gallery in Santiago de Compostela.

In this exhibition we can see unpublished pieces from two series on which he has been working for years, in which he uses two opposing processes: on the one hand, the addition of paint in the multiple layers of the Études, and on the other, the subtraction based on the perforations of the wood in the Notages. If in the Études the evolution has been towards a chromatic expansion, in his latest Notages there has been a reduction of elements with respect to the previous ones, going from the perforation on wallpaper glued on the wood to working directly on the bare wood, from the silence and emptiness created by the hollows. 

This exhibition also includes his first work in volume of this series, Tourner la page. It is a work inspired by the "accordions" of sheet music that pianists build to put all the pages spread out on the music stand and thus avoid having to pass them while playing. Also included in the same series are eighteen pieces created from Carl Czerny's first piano etude booklet Op.299, which recreate the melodic pattern of the score by perforating the place of the different notes on the staff. 

Ana Pérez Ventura Exhibition