Social networks have become one of the main channels through which we relate to each other in our society, with such power that it influences, among other things, the way we show ourselves and also how we look at the world around us. We are consumers and producers of images, which we seek out and collect for Feed the Feed.
This online influence brings us closer to the fashions, objects and concepts that are socially accepted as beautiful and therefore worthy of a place in our feed. But even if they are beautiful, there are trends in the way objects are grouped to capture the perfect image.
Even when the image or the reality is not the right one, the use of filters to dignify some realities that we do not like on their own because they do not respond to the canons of beauty of the moment. 
The common protagonists of the photos are very diverse, such as food, which has become another character within the networks, or ourselves, when we project our ideal self through selfies.

Ana Jarén Exhibition


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