Subtitled / Subtitulado


he Galería Elba Benítez is pleased to announce Subtitled/Subtitulada Alejandro Cesarco's first exhibition at the gallery.

Subtitled / Subtitulado is a reflection on the construction of the figure of the artist. The exhibition is articulated around two central works: Midcareer, a video piece that addresses the licenses and frustrations that characterize that stage, and The Style it Takes (Excerpts), a photographic work -updated for the exhibition-, which explores the social function of art and the fluctuating definition of the role of the artist. Style, that which is recognizable and built over time, appears in the show in different ways but treated as a strategy to overcome oneself, that is, as a way to overcome obstacles. Subtitled/Subtitulada brings together recurring themes in Cesarco's work such as repetition, narrative, affective genealogies, and practices of reading and translation.