Rigid space


Elba Benitez Gallery is pleased to announce the next exhibition of the work of Alejandro Campins, which will open on September 8, 2022.

Entitled Rigid Space, the exhibition will present new works from the series Tibet, which takes us into one of the most interesting geographies of the contemporary world: the northern plateau of the Himalayas, known as the Roof of the World. Using the odyssey of cultural transformation as a conceptual starting point, the paintings attempt to capture not only the natural landscape itself, but also the conflict behind the veil of its beautiful appearance: the impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on Tibetan Buddhism. In this habitat, where dualities and accidents are considered non-existent, the architectural ruin acquires great relevance as a synthesis of all conflict and metamorphosis.

For Campins, landscapes are not only physical or imaginary: they are metaphysical spaces that destabilize our empirical and familiar conception and occupation, as they exhibit and question their structures and conditions. They are not a representation of things, but an ontological event, an opening, a revelation of the world.