The Heretic's Brush


Blanca Berlín welcomes in her gallery the new body of work of Alberto Ros, an artist committed to his time and to the oldest - and at the same time most avant-garde - analogue techniques of photographic art. The society of the 21st century has created its own channels of harassment and discrediting, proving to be very effective in the accusation, judgement and stoning of the neo-heretics, people who because of their sex, race, form or opinion become the target of criticism, threats or mockery, both on social networks and in their environment. Just as an example, 7 out of 10 young people say they have suffered some kind of harassment, which highlights the effectiveness of these channels and the cruelty of human nature. The Heretic's Paintbrush tries to reflect on the consequences of this Neo-Inquisition; loneliness, isolation, humiliation... a viacrucis to which the victims of social injustice are condemned. The different characters in the photographs are marked as a metaphor for their stigma and the act of faith to which they are subjected.

Alberto Ros Exhibition

Alberto Ros

6.000 €

Alberto Ros

18.000 €