Stardust, a universal poem


Exhibition of the exceptional artist from Malaga, Aixa Portero. Her creative talent returns to flood the space with an amalgam of elements that transcend the conventional: Chinese inks, feathers, iron, books and fantasy are intertwined in a visual symphony that captivates the senses.

In the four years since her first exhibition, the artist has maintained her poetic and enigmatic essence, and has managed to blossom in magnitude and depth.

Under the evocative title "Stardust, a universal poem", this new exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in a cosmos created from each stroke, each pen meticulously placed by the artist's masterful hand. The carefully framed Chinese inks give life to a cosmic choreography that knows no limits, like an eternal waltz of subatomic particles that dance in harmony with the surrounding nature: nests, birds and branches intertwine in a space where the elements become a hymn to female empowerment, to the culture of peace and to universality itself.

Through this exhibition, Aixa Portero reaffirms her position in the art world, offering an ethereal dance where nature and cosmos converge in a celebration of life, beauty and transcendence.

Aixa Portero Exhibition