Breathing Space


To coincide, as the last rays of light at sunset and the first moonbeam at night coincide, in an instant in which it is neither day nor night, in which the limits are blurred and only a world of possibilities remains. The ranges, tones and shades of Eric Cruikshank and Michael Craik coincide in this way, making colour a universe in itself and inviting the spectator to become part of it. Both born and based in Scotland, the influence of the landscape plays a vital role in the conception of their work. Craik and Eric Cruikshank invite us to become part of the work, to make it our own and let it embrace us. The artists encourage us to read them from the calm and stillness that emanate from creations that are the fruit of months of work. A visual pulse that takes us away from the frenzy of everyday life and invites us to leave the rush to one side, to take a deep breath and dedicate a few minutes to observation and introspection. In short, to recover "seeing" and not just "looking".