It's light


Es luz brings together the work of five artists whose work traverses this universe inhabited by luminous beams, electrical impulses and hypnotic colours that seeks to transcend the viewer's sensory perception through their interaction with it. The exhibition proposes a journey through a series of pieces that invite introspection while invoking the subjective qualities of colour. Thus, we can engage in conversation with the luminous experiments of Lidia Benavides (Madrid, 1971), the enveloping landscapes of Carmen Laffón (Seville, 1934), the ode to blue by Ángeles San José (Madrid, 1961), the interactive sculpture of Anaisa Franco (Brazil, 1981), and the chromatic visions of Virginia Rivas (Madrid, 1981). In this way, different approaches to the effects of light and its relationship with the environment merge in this group show to make the viewer travel to other worlds bathed in neon lights, flashes and colour. Ainoa López Riesco.