15 Years


10 November 2004. Mid-morning. Hernández Pijuan climbs up a ladder and traces with his brushes a mustard-coloured mesh on the wall at the entrance to the gallery. That same afternoon the opening of our first exhibition would take place. Fifteen years have passed since then. We had never organised a group exhibition in all that time. The pandemic that has befallen us has made us reflect and look back with a certain nostalgia. For us, a gallery is a personal project where origins, background and tastes influence the selection of travelling companions. Just as people evolve, so do the gallery, the creators and their works. All this has motivated us to present in APERTURA Madrid Gallery Weekend this collective where our most veteran artists, such as Joan Hernández Pijuan, to the Londoner Simon Callery, one of our most recent incorporations, take part. It is impossible for everyone who has exhibited with us to be represented here today. For this reason, our challenge has been to articulate a group of works with a coherence that allows them to coexist with each other, despite their differences.


Antón Lamazares, Beatriz Olano, Bonifacio, Claude Viallat, Eduardo Valderrey, Felicidad Moreno, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Giorgio Griffa, Javier Calleja, Joan Hernández Pijuán, Julián Gil, Ken Matsubara, Laura Ramis, Lina Espinosa, Marta Barrenechea, Miguel Ángel Barba, Ofelia García, Patrick Saytour, Regine Schumann, Sabine Finkenauer, Simon Callery, Susana Solano