The project of the Postrimerías is the extension of an unfinishable work that always returns and each time adopts a different configuration, more intense, stark and paradoxically superficial. This project digs with baroque tools among the ruins of an inflationary imaginary in which the production and demand of meaning are in disequilibrium, thus generating the indiscriminate profusion of images and codes and an incessant loss of poetic value. Reality imposes itself, imperative; the real suffers, wounded. The effects tend to disappear and to be diluted in the pure surface and in the accidents of language, in the communicative formalizations, in the calls for help and in the warning touches. Expression is suspended and enclosed in the strange dimensions of the folds, unfoldings and foldings of the monad. There is an attempt to be contained in the minimum and not to be encompassed by the totality.