Pamplona City Council and the 9915 Association of Private Collectors of Contemporary Art in Spain

This project reflects the interest of the collectors of the 9915 Association and Pamplona City Council in new artistic languages. It also does so in a setting such as the Sala de Armas of the Pamplona Citadel, which contemplates and practices fundamental values for the association: education, research as an activity that generates knowledge and dissemination as a search for new audiences for contemporary art.

The focus of this exhibition is the confluence of the visual and sound dimensions, the two great vectors that condition our perception of the world. The set of artistic practices presented here (sometimes so diverse from one another) explore the possibilities offered by this intersection and participate in an essential quality of the art of our time: interdisciplinarity and the hybridisation of techniques, formats and expressive languages.

Attention to the richness of the paradoxical, poetic and always fruitful relationships that can be established between sound, image, space and language determine the selection of works for the exhibition.

The curatorial discourse thus focuses on the possibilities of contemporary audiovisual creation to generate new discourses and new ways of seeing (and relating to) the world.

Art is a line of flight, a space open to other logics, to other temporalities, to a link with the real that vindicates the sensorial against the mediation of language and words. For this reason, the discourse of the exhibition also pays special attention to works that allow the spectator to reflect (experientially, intuitively, playfully too) on space, on his or her own body, on the exhibition environment that surrounds him or her. Physical space and time, but also lived space and time: sensation, movement, recollection, experience, memory.

Alicia Ventura - Curator of the exhibition


About the collection

The 9915 Association, concerned and aware of the problems facing the private collecting of contemporary art in our country. Promoted by a group of contemporary art collectors, 9915 (Noventa y nueve quince) is constituted with the aim of promoting the union of interests of contemporary art collectors and encouraging the formation of new collectors, as well as creating the necessary tools to regulate and disseminate this basic activity of the art market in Spain. Normalising, regulating and professionalising the activity of private contemporary art collecting and reclaiming the social value of this activity will be the fundamental objectives of the new Association. One of the most ambitious initiatives of 9915 is the creation of a large database of voluntary participation where private collections will be gathered in order to make them known among the members of the Association and the Institutions dedicated to the study, promotion and exhibition of contemporary art.


Acknowledgements for the loan of works to :
Association of Private Collectors of Contemporary Art 9915
Aldebarán Collection. Victorino Rosón
Alicia Aza Collection
DKV Collection
Francisco Cantos Collection
José María Lafuente Collection
Los Bragales Collection. Jaime Sordo
Navacerrada Collection. José Manuel Navacerrada
Valzuela Collection. Enrique Valles
RAC Foundation. Carlos Rosón.