"La noche más corta" is a group exhibition organised by Galería Aural and NF/NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ and its collaborative proposal opens a dialogue between artists from both galleries around the idea of transformation in creative, artistic and vital processes. As an effort to dynamise new forms of art production and exhibition, the show is carried out in a transversal and concomitant manner between the three galleries' headquarters in Madrid and Alicante with works exhibited organically between them, taking conceptual and aesthetic criteria over and above the representation of the galleries as a real exercise in institutional synergy. "La noche más corta" delves into transformation as a process of transmutation and resignification, considering the hard times we live in and trying to refer to the traditions of San Juan, when the old and obsolete is burnt to make way for the new, renewed and transformed. In this sense, the pieces respond to the proposal by having undergone some kind of transformation or by representing it conceptually, both voluntarily and involuntarily.