This exhibition, Harmonies in Black and Whiteis made up of works from the Bragales Collection. The RAE defines harmony as: "proportion and correspondence of some things with others in the whole they make up". For this reason, we speak of harmony in this exhibition because we are dealing with an artistic corpus which, despite covering different periods, various expressive languages and featuring an outstanding cast of artists, composes a balanced whole. All the creations presented have a common element: the presence of black and white. María Toral. Curator of the exhibition.


About the collection


The Bragales Collection is the result of Jaime Sordo 's work as a collector of modern and contemporary art. Jaime, an engineer by profession and businessman by vocation, began his relationship with art in the 70s, when he acquired his first pieces while still a university student. That was the beginning of a passion that has seen no end and that continues to drag him to national and international fairs, to galleries all over the world or to receive awards such as the recognition as collector of the year 2013 by the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC).

His commitment to art and collecting has led him to promote, together with a large number of national collectors, the 9915 Association , of which he is President.



Project coordinator and exhibition design. Fernando Martínez Viñaspre

Assembly. Fundación Vital Fundazioa room assembly team.