A la manera de...(IV)' (In the manner of...(IV)')


The group exhibition "A la manera de...(IV)", which can be visited from Monday 24 May, is the fourth and last edition of the annual group show that has been held at the Galería Rafael Ortiz in Seville since 2018. The multidisciplinary and intergenerational show features the participation of more than 40 artists, including names ranging from very young artists such as Andrés Aparicio, Claudia Irhek and Javier Valverde to others as established as Luis Gordillo, Carmen Calvo and Juan Uslé.
Each edition presents, in addition to the great variety of pieces, different disciplines, techniques and styles and the added value of the reinterpretation of the artist to whom they pay homage, whose career has developed from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. A unique opportunity to see such a wide variety of contemporary creators making a visual paraphrase of other artists. A delight for any art lover.


Andrés Aparicio

Rocío Arregui

Daniel Bilbao

Alejandro Botubol

Carmen Calvo

Victoria Civera

Tomás Cordero

Manolo Cuervo

Juan Domínguez

Mercedes de la Gala

Maria Gomez

Dionisio González

Luis Gordillo

Federico Guzman

Alfredo Igualador, Claudia Irhek, Anna Jonsson, Abraham Lacalle

Sylvain Marc

Martin and Sicily

Aurelia Medina

Federico Miró, Lita Mora

Esther Morcillo

Seleka Muñoz

Ubay Murillo

Carlos Nicanor

Lidia Ortega

Carlos Ortiz

Angel Pantoja

Zenaida Pablo Romero

Luis Palmero

Mané Pérez Tapias

Paco Pérez Valencia

Enrique Ramos Guerra

MP&MP Pink

Chema Rodríguez

Ana S. Valderrábanos

Adriana Torres

Juan Uslé

Vicky Uslé

Javier Valverde

Cristina Ybarra and anonymous