Shell Game


Shell Game' is an exhibition with two artists that brings together for the first time the works of Andreia Santana (Lisbon, 1991) and Anna-Sophie Berger (Vienna, 1989) at the Filomena Soares Gallery in Lisbon.

Based on an invitation between artists, the exhibition reveals an unpredictable degree of intimacy through the exchange of ideas and fruitful dialogue between their practices.

Shell Game is conceived from existing works of art that have been carefully chosen and placed in the exhibition space, allowing for a multiplicity of new possibilities through a sometimes subtle or tense relationship between the two artistic practices.

Andreia Santana's ethereal and intangible works from the Soul Houses series take on a whole new dimension when placed in relation to Anna-Sophie Berger's haunting and furtive portraits. The capture of the invisible and other forms of life in Santana's works is interrupted to some extent by the exploration of Berger's portraiture. Because of the juxtaposition of the two practices, these photographs, which can be interpreted in multiple ways, accommodate the inherent expression of the sculptures' body form as a receptacle about to receive new living forms in organic and unexpected ways.