Instant Life


"Instant Life" is an idea developed by the philosopher and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman in his work "Liquid Modernity" published in 2000. Bauman was building the concept of "solid and liquid modernity" until his death in 2017, being one of the most brilliant thinkers of the 21st century. In this exhibition project the curator gives carte blanche to a handful of artists who each select a single piece from their artistic corpus that, according to their criteria, develops or denies the concept of "instantaneous life", and he does so intentionally only two months before the opening of the exhibition. He thus vindicates impulsivity and a way of making "fast art", seeking to reflect the liquidity of our current life: instantaneity, constant change, transience, non-planning, ephemerality and immediacy, the impulsive versus the reflexive, the visceral versus the rational.


Alfonso Almendros

Mira Bernabeu

Matias Costa

Iñaki Domingo

Mendia Echeverria

Sandra Paula Fernández

Joan Fontcuberta

Fernando Maselli