Broken Line - Scale 2


The gallery Lucía Mendoza hosts the presentation of Broken Line, an exhibition project curated by the Canarian duo that, in the form of an extended exhibition, now reaches its second stop after having passed through the COA in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and can be visited at the gallery until 13 March. The Lucía Mendoza gallery thus becomes the stage for the second phase of an exhibition that proposes to rethink maps, places and frontiers and which, as it did in Tenerife, is made up for the most part of site-specific works. Photography, video, drawing or installation serve to approach the peripheral spaces as a place from which to approach self-thinking, from which to rethink the centre-periphery narrative and rethink the border from the perspective of those who inhabit it.


Eugenio Espinoza

Juan Javier Salazar

Ding Musa

André Komatsu

Laura González Cabrera

Paco Guillén

Adriana Aranha : Camila Cañeque

Adrian German

Víctor Alemán del Toro

Jaime Davidovich

Manuel Rivera