Earth in Sight: A Landscape of Shapes and Forms'.


Earth in Sight! is an exhibition that tells us about the discoveries and visions of artists capable of configuring their own landscapes from found forms. All of them work on the transformation of nature by restructuring its possibilities. They are artists who like to distil nature into landscape, either by working on the territoriality of painting or by exploring the materials of nature and its limits in order to set their gaze on the forms that appear, be they physical or visual. On the one hand, they are very pictorial artists, because they allow themselves to be seduced by transit and textures, by the event and by how the consistent dissolves, although in their very diverse ways of proceeding we could unite many of them by their sculptural actions, linked to nature or its phenomena, as well as by the use of drawing or artisanal processes as a structuring and performative weapon. Because, even when they work on a large scale, their true narrative is hidden in the "infraleve", in the mismatch or imperfection, in an interstitial time and space where we are able to discover the most fragile aspects of matter.