ASA (Atelie Sandra e Albano)'.


The Fernando Pradilla gallery presents the exhibition ASA (Ateliê Sandra e Albano). Behind this acronym lies the work and creative experience of two outstanding Brazilian artists, whose extensive career has earned them international recognition and renown. Albano Afonso (São Paulo, 1964) and Sandra Cinto (Santo André, 1968) propose a four-handed project specially conceived for the spaces of our gallery, in which both artists establish a dialogue between their work processes around the representation of nature; a nature that is constructed from Afonso's fractal landscapes and specular symmetries together with Cinto's graphic cosmology. Thus, the geometric, fragmented, irregular order of different scales and sizes that Albano recreates is traversed by the vast vocabulary of symbols and lines of Sandra, creator of narratives and lyrical landscapes that swing between fantasy and reality.