An interesting forest


An interesting forestcurated by Mariano Navarroestablishes points of connection between the professional dedication to art criticism and curating and the germinal moment in which the future critic and curator came into contact with contemporary art and became aware of its conceptual importance and the transcendence that the works of the artists who were bursting onto the Madrid art scene represented for the practice of art.

In his case, the phenomenon occurred at the beginning of the seventies of the last century, first through his knowledge of his work and very shortly afterwards through personal contact with several of the artists active on the precarious Madrid scene at that time.

An interesting forest is a cabinet exhibition that in no way pretends to write about the Spanish art scene of that decade, but rather, in a much more modest way, acknowledges the debt that the curator owes to a specific group of artists active in Madrid and thanks to whom he "discovered" the value of the art of his time and the implications that this entailed for everyday life.

It is important to point out that the works on display - the vast majority of which come from the artists' own collections and have been faithfully preserved since then - are not randomly selected but, on the contrary, are originals or sketches or pieces closely related to those of a larger format that defined a time and a way of doing things that profoundly transformed the Madrid and Spanish art scene.